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The Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild

We are are a group of rug hooking artists who join together to develop and promote interest in rug hooking; to maintain high standards and encourage creativity in this art form; to provide the means for an exchange of ideas and information among the members of the Guild and to promote educational activities to enhance the interest in and the quality of rug hooking.

We have close to 300 active members from 22 states and provinces.   We have a FaceBook group with many more followers, who we invite to join the guild and participate in events and shows like this one.

Please see our Virtual Show 2020 for a History of the Guild and a video slide show about our Rug Shows over the years.

Our Team for this Show

Barb Ackemann

web mistress, team coordinator

Belinda Whipple Worth

text editor

Deb Campbell

text proofreader, editor

Ildi Tary

data entry, text editor, proofreader, link and category checker

Jennifer Davey

proofreader and category checker

Kris McDermet


Mary Jo Childs

text editor, proofreader

Nancy Phillips

text editor and publisher

Piper Rexford

text proofreader and editor

Sharon O’Neill

videographer, data entry, editor and proofreader

Tricia Miller

Content Wrangler, Text Editor

In 2020 Barb Ackemann built the rug collection section of the Virtual Show by herself, as she figured out how to use the Word Press theme.  She knew if we did this again, that she could involve more people in various aspects of the process and she assembled a team who met back in February and March via Zoom,  carefully looking at the 2020 show and listing the changes that would make it better.

We did not hire a photographer, nor set up photo shoots this time around, with the exception of offering to photograph rugs that were dropped off for our in-person show last fall in Montpelier.  Barb and Kris took photos of about 65 rugs that day. 

Another change was that the registration form was set to “automagically” create the pages for each rug, and the team submitted early registrations so we could test the systems.   

Then we waited.   Barb copied all text that arrived by email into Google docs where multiple editors/proofreaders could access the text and make changes.   Belinda, Deb, Mary Jo, Tricia, Piper and Ildi spent hours reviewing and revising.

Barb opened and prepared all of the images that were submitted by the artists and after carefully naming them, uploaded them to the Word Press site, where they were easy to find to assign to each rug.

Tricia volunteered to “wrangle” the missing content – and she made phone calls and sent emails to registered artists, reminding them to submit their text and photos.


Another zoom session with a few brave volunteers (Sharon and Ildi) resulted in the “data entry” team who looked at every single rug, and copied the short answers submitted into the right “project detail” boxes to display beautifully on the pages.  They crafted the links to “more works by this artist” when appropriate, and ticked off the appropriate categories – including one for the artist’s name.   That checkbox set up our ability to offer the cross reference to other works by the artist.

Barb created the special collections and added links to navigate from a rug page back to the collection.

Another zoom training session with Nancy who learned to copy and paste the text from the edited Google Doc into the page for each rug.   Many questions arose, because we didn’t always have any text submitted, or artist bios, we filled in the blanks as best we could with submitted captions from the 2022 show.

Then the category checkers (Jenn and Ildi) were asked to review and make or suggest changes so that rugs should show up where they belonged, and the categories would be most useful to our show visitors.

Sharon and Mary Jo worked together on the video/slideshow about her rug “Happy to See Ewe”.

I really appreciate the team who did so much to make this show come together.  What a pleasure, and what an accomplishment! — Barb

Rug Hooking Professionals

Some members of our Guild have Rug Hooking Businesses, or Teach, or Create Works to Sell.

We offer this show free of admission,
but welcome donations in any amount.