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TitleA Study in DiagonalsDesigned byStephanie Allen-KraussHooked byGretchen StahlDimensions29" x 40"Materialsmixed fibers, wool on linen with brass bells in border on topCut8Start to FinishWinter 2023 - May 2023Your TeacherPam FinneganWhy Diagonals?diagonals reflect my interest in tactile geometryShare

A Wall Rug: Study in Diagonals

“Study in Diagonals” reflects my interest in tactile geometry and with borderless sides, each line’s continuum. The two differently shaped bells strung on the bottom row of the piece resound with their own shapes of sound to complement the silent movement of the diagonals. Just as I was beginning the row where you see the yellow, I got the call from my nephew that his dad, my brother, passed away. I wanted to honor the Light my brother brought to my life so I wove yellow into the piece and then attached a soft sounding bell for his kind and gentle soul. 

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