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TitleDadDesigned byAll Ears RugsHooked bySuzanna BrownDimensions11" x 15"Materialswool on linen, denim and velvetHonorsGMRHG Show 2022, Juror's Honorable MentionShare


I wanted to do a portrait and although many people had suggested that I start with someone I did not know, I chose to hook a picture of my dad. I had a photo of him looking out the back door of a barn. He is wearing his barn frock (his name for his denim coat) and red plaid wool hat. This was his normal attire.

It is hooked mainly in wool, but the barn frock was hooked in denim and the collar is in velvet. The face was the challenging part and took a few tries to get it right. The fine cuts and many shades came together at last to depict his face.

About the artist:

Suzanna lives on a solar powered farm in Georgia, Vermont with her husband Jim. She has a donkey, mule and many sheep and has a large vegetable garden. Her interests are broad and varied. She has taken classes in Solar Energy Design, Dowsing, Sustainable Living, Digital Photography and more. She serves on the Georgia Conservation Commission, Georgia Planning Commission, Georgia Development Review Board and other county boards. When she is not rug hooking, she loves to kayak, ski, garden, spend time with her animals, do genealogy research, read, travel and learn.