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TitleDuncanDesigned byPearl McGownHooked byKathleen HarwoodInspirationEric Sandburg's Duncan, 2003Materialswool on linenCuts5, 6, 7, 8, 9Share

Duncan One

Duncan One was inspired by Eric Sandberg’s beautiful rug.  It was a learning rug for me — I was a relatively new hooker at the time, which shows (I think) in the somewhat rigid checkerboard arrangements.  But I was learning about contrast, gaining confidence, and I indulged my passion for orange.  I love my first Duncan.  One must ask:  as a novice hooker, how in the world did I already have so many worms?

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About the Artist

Kathleen Harwood has enjoyed a long career in the arts.  She has been hooking since 2002 and has had a number of rugs in Celebrations. In 2023, she co-taught (with Devin Ryder) a workshop on the Duncan geometric rug at Sauder Village—a great experience.  She lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband and lovely dog Fenway.