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TitleHappy to See EweDesigned byMary Jo Childs using sheep photos by Karolyn Cooper and Hilllsboro Gin & FeedHooked byMary Jo ChildsInspirationA mass-produced painting of a barn in a landscapeDimensions66" x 25"MaterialsWool on linenCuts3, 4, 6Start to Finish2019-2022HonorsGMRHG 2022 Show, Juror's and Viewer's Choice AwardsShare
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About the Artist

I began hooking after attending the “Hooked in the Mountains” rug show at Shelburne Museum in November 2007 and being dazzled by what I saw.  A group of friends decided to sign up for a beginner rug hooking class at the nearby high school in January 2008 taught by Diane Burgess.  She had each of us make a pillow using a provided pattern or our own design using wool strips from a huge bag of donated strips.  I loved playing with the colors and was happy with the result. I signed up for Diane’s follow-up class to learn more.  Diane encouraged everyone to submit their rugs to the next show. She made us all feel that our novice work was welcome and worthy of this big show.  I’m glad I did it.

Over time, rug hooking has taught me to see the world around me as an artist: seeing possible paintings or hooked rugs.  My sheep rug, “Happy to See Ewe”,  provided the opportunity to translate what I saw into a wool painting.  I learned to study light and shadows, to understand how the atmosphere affects color and value, and to learn various ways to achieve texture and depth in a pictorial rug. It taught me to be creative in ways that have meaning to me and to persevere when challenges arise no matter how long it takes.

Rug hooking has added much richness to my life and I look forward to all the lessons I have yet to learn through this art and craft.