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TitleHonor Our Differences and Votes for All WomenDesigned byKris McDermetHooked byKris McDermetInspirationResist!Dimensions60" x 36"Materialswool, silk, wool yarn, silk fabricCuts5, 6, 7Start to Finish2018-2021Share

Honor our Differences:

Created for an artist show in Brattleboro called ‘Raised Voices – Local Artists Resist’

Though a popular thought at one time….the phrase “The Melting Pot” did not honor our differences.  We need to do that now and embrace all of our differences.  

Votes for All Women:

I was inspired by the work of Ami Mali Hicks – a talented, interesting, committed, and independent woman.  She both hooked and braided rugs.  The center part of my piece honors her love of the arts and the symbols around her are those of the suffragette movement from around the United States as are the colors.  Sadly in 1920 the right to vote was not given to all women.  Native Americans and African Americans had to wait until 1924 and 1965, respectively.


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Kris is a rug hooking and braiding teacher.

Artist Statement

“Threads and Textiles Re-Imagined” represents my work using wool, Charmeuse silk, wool and silk yarns, velvet, and crushed taffeta to complete work that tells a story, or represents nature.

Some of the fiber techniques I use were developed years ago to make functional items,  bringing warmth and comfort to early homes. Now I’m reworking these techniques to honor the past, but my designs are more contemporary.   In addition, I want to raise awareness of environmental and social justice issues in my work. 

Finished pieces may be three dimensional and may be made more visually exciting by the addition of LED lighting from within the work.