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TitleHoping They Filled the BirdfeederDesigned byAlida AkersHooked byTricia Tague MillerDimensions24" x 24"Materialswool on monk's clothCut3Start to Finish2021Your TeacherBetty McClenticShare

Hoping They Filled the Birdfeeder 

“Hoping They Filled the Birdfeeder” is an adaptation of the painting by Alida Akers.  Betty McClentic was my teacher at the Country Inn McGown rug school in Rindge, NH.  Betty dyed the wool for me which I supplemented from my stash during the process of completing the piece.  Hooking such a large bird can be daunting.  What worked for me was to focus on one small area at a time using the photo of the original work as a guide.  Most challenging was hooking the breast which required many, many values mixed in together to go from the darker to lighter areas.  Actually, an ornithologist would take issue with the coloring but that’s OK.  This is A bluebird, inspired by, but not a replica of, THE Eastern Bluebird!  At times I had to remind myself of that.

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About the Artist: 

Tricia Tague Miller has been hooking since 1983.  She still attends rug schools, virtual classes and retreats and belongs to both ATHA and McGown guilds.  She was inducted into the Celebrations Hall of Fame and has won many awards for her work, as well as rejections, which challenge her to continue to hone her skills and experiment with different materials and methods.