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TitleLooking North: Abstract LandscapeDesigned byMarie LaPre’ GrabonHooked byMarie LaPre’ GrabonInspirationview from my yardDimensions10" x 14"Materialswool, novelty yarn, sari silk on linenCuts4, 6Start to Finish2022Share

Looking North

Looking North is a pretty straight forward hooked wall hanging. The design was taken from a sketch I did a few years ago from my yard in Hardwick. 

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About the artist

I learned to hook during the pandemic. I took a Zoom workshop with Stephanie Allen-Krauss and fell in love. Having been involved in the visual arts for the past 50+ years, focusing on painting, drawing, and collage, I was delighted to have stumbled on an art form that suited my current needs. I love the meditative process…and I am amazed at how much one can experiment with technique, color, shape, and style. I approach this art medium as I would a painting and create very colorful wall hangings.

As I learn more about technique and style, my work has become more abstract. I am currently working on a series of Banshees, mythological figures from Irish folkloric wonders.