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TitleMandala Star RugDesigned byDevin RyderHooked byDevin RyderDimensions24" x 36"Materialswool on linenCuts6, 8Start to Finish2022Share


Making this rug was my consolation when the pandemic began.  The initial mass confusion and fears that arose when everything closed down had me longing to create something beautiful in the midst of the chaos.  The design is my own and based on my love for geometric rugs and mandalas.  I wanted to see the colors I love and to use up wool scraps and wooly noodles that I’d accumulated over the years.  And I wanted this rug to have a “triple binding,” something I’d never tried before.  In my imagination, I was trying to magically triple-bind (hold back) the horrifying effects of the pandemic.

Hooking every day, with plenty of time since everything was so eerily quiet, I completed this rug in record time.  Much, but not all, of the wool was hand-dyed by me.

Did I use up all my wool scraps?  If only!  I swear they multiplied in their baskets overnight and I cannot perceive that I even made a dent in the piles. 

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