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TitleMyron's ViewDesigned byPeg IrishHooked byPeg IrishDimensions19.5" x 15.5"Materialsyarn on cotton monks cloth and wet felting created with wool roving and silk hankiesStart to Finish2020HonorsSelected for the 2021 calendar of Riverwoods Exeter Retirement Community where I live. It was also on the cover of the calendar. The rug was part of an ad for Riverwoods Exeter in DownEast Magazine, November 2021.Share

Myron’s View

My father-in-law was from Maine and in the late 1800’s his family helped build a cottage on Bailey Island for summer visits. The cottage is no longer owned by family, but my husband Jim and I still enjoy going to Bailey Island whenever we can. We rent a cottage when possible, or even just make a day trip since we’re only a couple of hours away. It is such a peaceful place, with pleasant cliff walks, beach combing, sunrise and sunset views, lobstering and the ever-present seagulls. That is why it was such a shock when the pandemic hit, and we were not able to make a visit.

To help remind me of the pleasures of Bailey Island, I had become “friends” with several sites on Facebook that focused on my favorite places. One year we stayed at a cottage next door to a webcam called Myron’s View.

Myron was a local seagull with a reputation for helping out at your outdoor barbecue or picnic. We enjoyed seeing him and appreciated the webcam of his domain. With the help of photos that I took nearby, I created Myron’s View to tide me over until I could return in person. I found a photo of a seagull that I liked and replaced the background with the ocean. The seagull and the water behind him were hooked with a variety of yarns. The rock was wet felted with wool roving and silk hankies and applied to my cotton backing. 

I live in a retirement community called Riverwoods Exeter. It is especially known for its focus on the arts. I was quite pleased to have Myron’s View selected for their 2021 calendar – and it even made the cover. A photo of my rug was also part of an advertisement for Riverwoods Exeter in Down East Magazine, November 2021. 

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About the artist

I grew up in California and enjoyed dabbling in a variety of crafts. I was unaware of rug hooking until I moved to Madbury, NH in 1979. My husband’s aunt visited us there and thought I needed hooked rugs in our old farmhouse. I took a one-day workshop with Joyce Crabtree and in 1980 I began taking rug hooking classes with an amazing teacher, Lois Dugal of Dover, NH.

Since I had no art training, I was thrilled to be able to produce such lovely things. The technique of rug hooking came easily for me. It was the first craft where I thought I could excel. I was attracted to the notion that it is simple to make changes – love that reverse hooking! I was also captivated by the textures and colors possible in rug hooking.

After working with a few patterns, I knew that I needed to create my own designs. Without a facility for drawing, I depend heavily on the use of my own photography, as well as on basic geometric designs.

I am fascinated by the various processes that comprise rug hooking: the kinds of tools, the array of fabrics, and methods for dyeing these fabrics. I have enjoyed experimenting with these new techniques and materials. I have also been keen on combining rug hooking with other techniques such as felting and embroidery for a mixed-media approach.

I am pleased to be a member of the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild over the years. I have given talks, attended workshops and generally have appreciated being a part of such a talented community of rug hookers. I was delighted to be chosen as one of the featured artists for the 2014 Hooked in the Mountains exhibit.

In 2012 my husband and I moved to an apartment in a retirement complex, which required some major downsizing and a shift in how to use our space. One of the consequences was the need to limit my ability to dye materials. I have expanded my use of ready-made materials, especially yarns, which have so many different colors and textures. This is aided by the lovely yarn shop not far from my home!