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TitleOh Honey!Designed bySpruce Ridge StudiosHooked byIldi TaryDimensions31" x 24"Materialswool on linenCut6Start to Finish2022Your TeacherBev ConwayShare

Oh Honey!

This is the third bee-themed rug I’ve made specifically to show in the Bee House building at the annual Topsfield Fair (my home town).  I love showing at the Bee House because the setting is much more intimate than the large crafts building, but of course all exhibits are required to show beekeeping in some manner.  I’ve since made a fourth bee rug that was shown this fall.  How many bee rugs can a person have?  I’m on the fence about next year, so we’ll just have to see!

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About the Artist

My interest in textiles started at a very early age when I had a bad cold and was probably nagging my mother endlessly.  In desperation, she went on a shopping trip and came home with a small Elsa Williams crewel kit to shut me up.  So that started my journey. 

Over the years, I continued doing crewel for a while, then needlepoint, crochet, cross stitch and finally a long stint in quilting.  It was at one of our weekly quilt meetings that two friends brought their rug hooking.  “What is that?” I asked. 

 Well, that was about 2010 and while I still quilt, rug hooking has taken a dominant position in my work.  I take advantage of as many rug hooking schools as I can to learn more techniques. 

I consider myself a technician rather than a creative artist.  As much as I’d like to be more creative, sometimes we just need to accept who we are and make the most of it!