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TitleOne Sassy DudeDesigned byJon SullivanHooked byJon SullivanInspirationThe rooster is a powerful symbol of protection in Ukrainian folklore: so inspiredDimensions13.5" x 19"Materialswool yarn, sari silk, merino yarn, eyelash yarn on monks clothStart to Finish2022Share

One Sassy Dude

Summer 2022 brought the publication with the ‘Vasylkiv Cockerel’ as an acknowledgment of the “Rooster [as] a  powerful symbol of protection Ukrainian folklore.”

I hooked this rooster, my personal signature, because I was inspired to support the Ukrainians and to acknowledge the efforts of American Craft to support the Ukrainians.  

This hooked rooster is called ‘One Sassy Dude.’  It is hooked with dozens of varying yarns, sari silk,  and silk  on monks cloth.

Thank you for your attention to this piece and the struggle of Ukrainians.

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Artist Bio

I have used hooking as a medium of artistic expression since 2010. Creations have meandered through assorted motifs, including portraits and figures, to shadows using various liminal notions, to abstractions and color field studies, employing the theories of the Bauhaus to color field painters. All my pieces are designed by me.