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TitleOpen DoorDesigned byBelinda Whipple WorthHooked byBelinda Whipple WorthInspirationEmily Dickenson poem & “Door theme" for 2022 showDimensions18.5" x 26"MaterialsHand dyed wool and nylon, brass buttonCuts6, 8, hand cut nylonStart to Finish2022Share
Open Door The pieces of this rug came together like a poem.  Shortly after the challenge theme of “Doors” for the 2022 Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild “Hooked in the Mountains Show” was announced I found Emily Dickinson’s poem on an old calendar I had saved.  I cut it out and put it on my ice box.  I let it marinate in me as the Coronavirus retreated some and we began to open our doors and venture out a little more. Some days, as spring turned to summer, the sun was so bright in the garden, flooding in when I opened my dark wooden door. The frame I had found sometime before, thinking it would be perfect for something. I found it behind the door of my wool room when I did a rare vacuuming.  I wanted a contrast between indoors and outdoors so decided to use nylon stockings for a suggestion of garden landscape.  It was great fun to dye the white stockings. They suck up the dye so thirstily!  And they give such bright and clear colors!  I thought a hooked doorknob might not be convincing enough so searched for a button that wouldn’t distract but would just settle in. This one I chose had to be dulled down with very fine sandpaper and a wipe of burnt sienna acrylic paint. I love how the words flow through the door!  It was altogether a satisfying creative piece. More by this artist Belinda creates works to sell

Artist Bio

I’ve been a maker and creator all my life, inspired by nature and art.  Now retired from my professional work as a psychotherapist, I’m luxuriating in the expanded time I can devote to making art. Rug hooking is a time-intensive medium. Beginning with the creating of the original image, wool fabric is dyed in a range of colors and shades, cut into narrow strips and then pulled loop by loop through a woven foundation. I love every stage of the process!