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TitlePlaying Sea TagDesigned byPhyllis LawrenceHooked byPhyllis LawrenceInspirationphoto of grandchildrenDimensions26" x 18"Materialswool on linenCuts4, 5, 6Start to Finish2021HonorsGMRHG 2022 show, Honorable MentionShare

Playing Sea Tag

This rug is inspired by a photograph I took of my grandchildren five years ago.  Two children live on the West Coast and two on the East Coast so our limited time together each summer is a precious gift.  Located on an island off the coast of Mount Desert Island in Maine, this beach of stones, smoothed and rounded by the sea’s endless rhythm of the tides, is a favorite destination for play and beauty!

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About the artist

I was introduced to Rug Hooking almost 12 years ago now by two of my “retired teacher” friends.  I had been an early childhood teacher for over 25 years in our local elementary school and was looking forward to getting back to some of the crafts that had sustained me in my 20’s and 30’s when I was homesteading and raising my two boys. 

During that time, as we eked our homestead out of the woods, clearing land, gardening, sharing our land with goats, sheep, chickens, even a workhorse for a time, and living without electricity for 18 years, I learned to spin and dye wool and to weave.

But when I learned about rug hooking, I was soon hooked, loving the meditative pulling of each loop and the painterly possibilities.  So here I am, retired and continuing a love affair with wool, and grateful for a community of other rug hookers so willing to share their knowledge and inspiration.