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TitlePoppiesDesigned byBelinda Whipple WorthHooked byBelinda Whipple WorthInspirationpoppies blooming in my gardenDimensions14" x 10" x 10" highMaterialswool on linenCutsmostly 8Start to Finish2021Your Teacherflower shading on-line demo by Wanda KerrShare


I love how the sun shines through the thin, silky petals of my scarlet Oriental poppies. I had planned to hook them for a stool and began the designing.  About the same time I joined Wanda Kerr’s “Welcome Mat.”  By a happy accident she inadvertently enrolled me in her class for ”Painterly Poppies,” in which there was excellent advice on building a flower with light and shadow.  I dyed many shades of red, using dip dyeing, transitional dyeing, and marrying techniques, as well as using as-is wool.

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About the Artist

I’ve been a maker and creator all my life, inspired by nature and art.  Now retired from my professional work as a psychotherapist, I’m luxuriating in the expanded time I can devote to making art.

Rug hooking is a time-intensive medium. Beginning with the creating of the original image, wool fabric is dyed in a range of colors and shades, cut into narrow strips and then pulled loop by loop through a woven foundation. I love every stage of the process!