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TitleSun ShadowsDesigned byAnne CoxHooked byAnne CoxInspirationa painting I didDimensions34" x 42"Materialswool on linenCut7Start to Finish2023Share

Sun Shadows

I worked from a painting I did of the interior of a spruce forest, trying to capture the intense sun spots that filter in through the trees. The painting is shown below.

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From the artist’s website

I started hooking in 2006. And now I am eager for the winter months, which is when the gardens are closed up and I spend time working on my rugs.

I like a lot of things about rug hooking. I like the practical aspect of what I do: I am making things that can be used to warm up a floor or be a table runner, for instance. I like how slow the process is: I am forced to slow down as I cut the strips of wool and pull each one through the backing. As a result I think the rugs are very different from the way I might paint or draw the same images. I like the surprises that come when a shape gets smushed and rearranged by the loops next to them, rounding and flattening edges and corners. I like playing with color.