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TitleView From My Lake ShowerDesigned bySuzanne DirmaierHooked bySuzanne DirmaierDimensions32" x 45"Materialswool, linenCuts6, 8 and hand cutStart to Finish2014-2021Your Teacher2014 Heather RitchieShare

View From My Lake Shower

In 2014 I took a class taught by Heather Ritchie about mixed textures.  I had always wanted to capture the large tree that I looked up into every summer morning as I took a shower at our camp (cottage) on Lake Champlain.  The shower is outdoors which allows me to see the sun coming through the leaves of a magnificent tree and surrounding undergrowth. 

In the 2014 class with Heather I drew the shape of the tree and did some proddy leaves, but put the project away until the beginning of 2021.  It was January and cold, but I was warmed by the thought of finishing the rug and returning to a summer moment.  I originally thought I might do a lot of proddy leaves but couldn’t figure out how to create the feeling of looking through the leaves into the sky.  Instead, I left a swath of leaves across the trunk of the tree. 

The trunk of the tree was hooked with various leftover strips. I also pulled from a collection of small green/brown pieces for the vegetation and leaves.  I dyed the sky wool and some of the lower forest using Ingrid Hieronimus’s formulas from her Primary Fusions Spots dye book.  I tried using more proddy at the base of the rug to suggest the undergrowth, but it didn’t work. 

I learned that using a different technique in this rug was better as an accent instead of doing too much.

(editor’s note:  This rug is included in the just released Rug Hooking Harmony, by Rebecca Martin, the newest book from the Rug Hooking Magazine Book Club.)

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About the artist

I have been rug hooking since 1985 and have explored many techniques and teachers.  My work style and subject matter are always changing as it is informed by the classes I take and the other artists I admire.  Being a member of the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild since 1986, I have held several offices, including President, Vice-President, Secretary and Board Member at Large. I also belong to ATHA and TIGHR.