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People remember meeting Lynn.   Here’s Tricia Miller’s memory:

“My Queen”, portrait of Lynn Soule, designed and hooked by Dana Psoinas

After living away from New England for many years, there were few people that I knew still in the Green Mt. Rug Hooking Guild.  Many had moved away or passed on.  During one guild meeting we broke for a buffet lunch.  Plate and drink in hand, I scanned the room probably looking a bit lost not knowing where to sit to eat.  A woman over in a corner must have read the look on my face.  She waved her hand in my direction and indicated that I should come and sit with her.  Well, it was Lynn.  Together we shared a meal and good conversation.  She made me feel welcomed and to this day I am still appreciative of her friendliness to a then stranger, me. 

Want to share a memory?  We’ll give the “guestbook” at the bottom of this page a try  and share your stories there.   Know something about one of Lynn’s rugs?   We’ve opened “comments” on those pages.

We’ve sprinkled a few images of Lynn on her rug pages — if you have a great photo of Lynn please submit it to  Thanks!

NOTE:  Your comments on individual rugs won’t be shared, but facts you can share with us will be incorporated into the rug page – things like when Lynn hooked the piece, what she had to say about it at the time, etc.

A Sampling of Lynn's Rugs

Memories of Lynn

from Kathy O’Donnell 

(This was in our September 2023 newsletter.)

I met Lynn at an art show in North Hero, VT in 2013. I asked her if she taught rug hooking. She said she wasn’t certified so I asked if she was “certifiable” — that’s when our friendship began. Little did I know how important she would become to me for so many reasons. She was a trusted friend, a confidant, a teacher, a therapist, a colorist, a travel companion and so much more. But she was all of those things to nearly everyone she met. She was a “best friend” to many people.

Lynn’s enthusiasm for rug hooking was contagious. I remember the first GMRHG meeting I went to because she impressed upon me I absolutely had to join the guild and MUST go to the meeting. It was at CVU High School and the room was full. At one point she saw Anne-Marie Littenberg from a distance and made her way over to introduce herself…but not in a quiet way! She effervesced over Anne-Marie as if she were the Queen of England, which I’m sure was a little uncomfortable for Anne-Marie but it made a big impression on me.

When Lynn loved something she wanted everyone to love it. She had big ideas. She started Fiber Fest about 15 years ago, first on the lawn of a local business and eventually moved it to the North Hero Community Hall where hookers from as far away as Missouri have come because of Lynn’s enthusiasm and welcoming nature. At one point she told her husband she wanted to go on a rug hooking bus trip to Nova Scotia. He couldn’t believe she would be able to fill the bus but she did it and people clamored for more.

My life and the lives of so many, have been enhanced because of Lynn. She loved and welcomed so many into her life and will be remembered as a dear friend to all.

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Dana Psoinas from Woodbury, NY
I designed and hooked the portrait of Lynn for a rug hooking challenge for everyone on the rug hooking tour to Nova Scotia. I finished the rug in the ICU visiting room in 2016. I had planned to attend the rug show but my husband was in a horrible car accident. I corresponded with Kathy O’Donnell while hooking the rug. They jokingly call it the Lynn Kathy portrait because it resembles both of them. Lynn will forever be my gracious, loving Queen and treasured friend.