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Beach Perspective

Beach Perspective This rug was inspired by many dog walks on the coast of Maine. The piece is primarily punched with hand-dyed 3-ply rug yarn in sizes 8, 9, and 10.  It includes sculpting, felting, quillies and proddy techniques and a few novelty yarns. (editor's…

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Being Peaches at the Beach

Being Peaches at the Beach A design of peaches sitting on a towel at the beach may seem like unlikely pairings to most, but for me, this reflects dear friendships, relaxation and memory-making. Almost every year I travel to the beach in Maryland with a…

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Captain Bennett’s Last Voyage

Captain Bennett’s Final Voyage Some years ago, I contacted Pris Buttler to purchase her whaling pattern. She was happy to change the lettering from "The Captain'' to "Capt. Bennett," my 2x great grandfather, revered and storied whaleship captain. But the mat sat untouched for ten…

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