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This is a FUN way to browse through our show,
but it’s not the only way.  

Over 100 rugs will be displayed here in groups of 20 – in a RANDOM order!

After looking at a single rug, use your back button to return to the same “deal”.

Use the LOAD MORE button to see 20 more,  
or REFRESH your page for a different set of 20.

You can filter by subject matter, or by styles and techniques.

Each time you visit you may see a different selection of the show — so it would be hard to use this to navigate  through the show and be sure you see all of the rugs.

Two others ways you might work through the show:  our INDEX by ARTIST,   or INDEX by TITLE.

The INDEX pages are also the best ways to find a particular rug you want to view or share with others.

Each rug has a unique URL to bookmark, or share.


The Artist’s name will link to all rugs by that artist.   The categories listed below the artist’s names are also links to all rugs in that category, or technique.

This page loads 20 rugs at a time, in a random order — different every time you visit the page!

To view ALL of the rugs, and be sure you’re seeing every one, use our Index by Title, or Index by Artist.