Virtual Show 2023 Rug Registration

Our Rug Show 2023 will follow the same format as our 2020 Virtual Show.  You may want to visit that show to see how each rug is presented, with “factoids” on the side, a large image of the rug, and one or more detail shots in a slideshow beneath the rug story and artist profile.

Rug Registration for our 2023 Virtual Show will be open from April 15 through August 15th, 2023.  We expect the show to launch late October or early November. 

If you’d like to help with data entry, text editing, or photo preparation, email  She’s assembling a team!

The Registration Process involves:

  1. Fill in a relatively quick form — be ready with your rug dimensions in inches!
  2. Pay $10 for each rug you’ll submit, but you can pay for 1, 2, or 3 with one form.  Payment for rugs in Featured Collections is optional if you’ve paid for 3 other rugs.
  3. Fill out a form for each rug. (You can submit up to 3 rugs plus rugs for Featured Collections.)
  4. Prepare your rug story and artist bio text and email to  In subject line include your name and title of rug and what kind of text it is:   rug story or artist bio.  (You don’t have to send bio more than once unless you’re telling a different story for each rug.)

    See  for ideas.
  5. Send high resolution photos of your rug, source or inspiration, details (horizontal images work best for slide show beneath main content), and of yourself – headshot, or at your frame, or in your studio, or with one of your rugs – to


    We require large file size photos to ensure best appearance on the website, so you may need to email them separately, one photo per email.

  6. If you want help with writing your bio or story, or are interested in being interviewed for a short video, check the appropriate box(es) at the bottom of the registration form and we will contact you



2023 Virtual Show “Hooked Rugs and the People Who Make Them” Registration

HINT: Use the TAB key to move from field to field. The RETURN key will try to submit your form.

  • Inclusion in this virtual show is limited to members of the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild., or youth up to age 18, sponsored by a member. You are welcome to JOIN and then come back and exhibit with us! Sign up at
  • Sometimes new rug hookers are discouraged when they compare their efforts to the Pros. We’re not sure how or if we will display this info, but it may: help a newbie feel better, or find you new customers or students.
  • Please check all that apply. Again, we’re not sure how or if we’ll display this info. There may be a “special collection” welcoming our first-timers.
  • Agreements

  • Rug Information – Just the Facts! Longer text will be submitted by email.

  • If adaptation, include all pertinent info in this line, e.g. “based on painting by…. ” If you added your own design as a border, include that info here. Anything that relates to design credits goes here.
  • Numbers only (e.g. 20 NOT 20″ or 20 inches). Use decimals for fractions.
  • Numbers only (e.g. 20 NOT 20″ or 20 inches). Use decimals for fractions.
  • e.g. “wool on linen”, list multiple fibers if appropriate.
  • If appropriate, list just numbers separated by commas, i.e. “3,4,5”
  • Give credit to a teacher who helped you.
  • e.g. “2011-2016” for a rug started in 2011 and finished in 2016 or “2022” for a rug started and finished in 2022.
  • Cite a poet, poem, or other inspiration.
  • List any awards or honors this rug has received.
  • Use this field to share any other “factoids” about your rug — We can create custom fields on the display page so if there’s something you wished we asked, include it here in the form of Q:A. This is NOT where you try to tell a long story! See below for instructions on mailing in your longer text.
  • Rug Subject

    check all that apply
  • Rug Styles / Features / Techniques

    check all that apply
  • Viewers sometimes like to look at HOW things are done, or to see examples of particular styles or techniques.
  • Featured Collections

  • We will not have featured artists in the 2023 show, but we will highlight some groups of rugs. If your group has done a challenge in recent years, please let us know!

    Rugs in these “featured collections” do NOT have to be one of your limit of three rugs total. Payment for these registrations is optional if you’ve paid for three other rugs.

  • Name of your group and name of challenge. We’ll be able to add to the form if we hear about other challenges in time. Enter info here, but ALSO email
  • Text, Images, Videos, etc.

  • It’s the stories about the people…..

    What we heard over and over from viewers of the 2020 show was that they LOVED seeing pictures of the artists and getting to know a little bit about them.

    We REALLY encourage you to send in a brief bio and a photo of you — a headshot, or you at your frame, or in your studio, or with one of your rugs. We may pester you for this if you don’t!

    The text about your rug can tell the story of why you hooked this piece, or HOW you hooked it, or SOMETHING YOU LEARNED while hooking it. Tell a story!

    Check our website for a page of TIPS on writing about your rug and yourself.

  • And the pictures!!!

    Besides the main image showing your whole rug, we encourage images of your inspiration. This could include a scene, photo, painting or anything that inspired you. You could also include images of the work in progress and your choice of details.

    NOTE: details are shown in a “slide show” and it works best if all detail shots are cropped to be horizontal images.

    Check the website for a page of TIPS on getting great photos of your rugs. This will be available by May 15th.

  • How do I submit the text and images?

    ALL TEXTS should be pasted into an email and sent to to

    ALL IMAGES — high resolution please — should be emailed to

    In the subject line include your name and title of rug, and what you’re sending, i.e. artist bio, rug story, etc.

    i.e. “Ackemann – Blueberries – rug story”

  • We’d like to help our members tell their stories. A few volunteers have offered to chat on the phone or via zoom with rug artists and assist in getting the stories ready.
  • Payment

    The cost of exhibiting in this show is $10 per rug. You can pay for multiple rugs on one form and not have to make three separate payments.
  • Paying for all of your rugs on one form simplifies our bookkeeping, and reduces the fees deducted. Of course it’s OK to come back and add another rug separately.
    Price: $10.00
  • I’ve proofread each entry and understand that the information submitted may be used verbatim on the webpage for this item.