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Unlike a physical show with walls and lighting, the rugs in this virtual show can be seen in multiple ways.

Special Collections:

The Rugs:

The RUGS is a fun wall of 20 RANDOM rugs – and you can LOAD MORE* to get 20 more RANDOM rugs. You see the whole rug in a three-column display, and can note the titles of your favorites. (The Load More function has been problematic for some users. If you get an error, try a different browser, or one of the other ways below.)

Index by Title:

To navigate through the WHOLE show and be sure you see EVERY rug, we suggest you use our INDEX BY TITLE. This is also the easiest way to find your way BACK to a rug you noticed in the random display.

Index by Artist:

The third way to find something is if you know the Artist’s name – use our INDEX BY ARTIST to get directly to a certain rug, or to see other works by an artist you noticed in the random display.

Filtered Views:

From THE RUGS page, you can choose a subset of the collection to view a wall of Animals, or People, or Rugs with Words, etc. These Subject Filters / Menus appear at the top of any page in the collection.

You can also choose to see a wall of rugs of one style or technique using the menu at the bottom of any page: Borders, Braiding, Contemporary Wide Cut, Proddy, Shading, Special Stitches or Techniques, etc.