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Tips on Exploring this Site:

Once you’re in the Rug Gallery, you have many options of how to view things:   

  • The whole show – ALL of the rugs in RANDOM ORDER.  – get a different selection each time you load the page.  Batches of 20 rugs will load  and you can opt to LOAD MORE.
  • A subset of the show by Subject Matter (filter and menus at the top of each page) 
  • A subset of the show by Styles / Techniques (options at the bottom of each page)

After viewing a single rug, you can return to ALL or to the subset you were browsing by using the menus at top or bottom of the pages.

From any collection page you can click on the category “tags” to see the other rugs in that category.

Two indexes let you quickly find a particular artist or rug:  Index by Artist or Index by Titles.

Bookmarking and sharing your favorite rugs:

While there are many ways to arrive at a particular rug, every rug has a permanent url (address) that you can bookmark, or share with a friend. is the generic format of a link to an individual rug.

Links to an artist’s works follows this format:

Want control of the slideshows at the bottom of the pages?

Just click on either left or right arrow in the image, and then they will only advance when you click.


Wish you could zoom in and look around each rug in more detail?   You can!  It’s easy on a phone or tablet with spreading gesture, but if you’re on a computer you can follow these steps:

  1. Control-Click (Mac) or Right-Click (PC) on the main rug image and opt to open in a new tab. 
  2. Then use your browser’s shortcuts to zoom in on the image.  Command-+  (Mac) or Ctrl-+ (PC).Command-zero (Mac) or Ctrl-zero (PC) will get you back to “normal” size. 


Step #1 above will let you see a vertical rug in its entirety on your screen – the image will be sized to fit vertically.